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The new demographic dividend market, if you dare to fight, you will earn money
This is an era in which you can earn money if you are willing to do it, regardless of the size of the company

Grab the new southbound ride, the Philippines has become the first choice for investment in Asia, Din Tai Fung, Ma Shan Tang, Sunrise Tea Tai, Tenren Tea, 50 Lan, etc., These well-known catering brands have already seized the domestic market in the Philippines. Now not only the catering industry, Medical care, biotechnology, water filters, air-conditioning, cosmetics, medical beauty, etc. Taiwan's advantageous industries are also eyeing the Philippine consumer market.

Why the Philippines has become a new demographic dividend market
What are the three key points of non-investment?

Demographic Dividend


Consumption & Working population
are both increasing

The population exceeds 100 million, the median age is 23.5 years old, and the population density is among the top five in the world. There are 23 million consumers in Everbright Manila.

High potential for domestic demand explosion


GDP growth ranks No. 1 in Asia
National per capita income exceeds US$3,000, which represents the most explosive period of domestic consumption. GDP breaks through 7%, surpassing mainland China year after year, No. 1 in Asia!

Emerging Consumer Market


prospect of Consumer economy is good
The middle class in the Philippines will exceed 50%. This is a brand new consumer market. The nature of spending money and the advantages of the population support a huge consumer economy.

What do you need to start a business in the Philippines
Four advantages, easy to enjoy income in Taiwan

For company registration and entrepreneurship consulting, you need exclusive consultants to assist you in evaluating the attributes of opening a store and tailoring an exclusive store opening plan.

Visa service


Don't worry about long-term residence
There is no limit to the number of days you can stay in the Philippines. You need to apply for a work permit, SRRV or SIRV visa.

Real Estate Services


Real Estate Services
All-round services such as office storefront leasing, land sales, pre-sale housing agency sales planning, etc.

Accounting and Taxation


No worry about operating
income & expenditure

How to do employee salary, cost control, financial report and tax saving? You need a team of professional licensed accountants to calculate the budget for you.